Practicing Fundraising As Ministry

Many people are embarrassed to ask for money and some even consider fundraising as begging. To treat fundraising as a ministry, means that fundraisers are the ones that need to be converted first. Henri Nouwen, in Spirituality of Fundraising, speaks of conversion in relation to their needs and their resources. God is able to provide for the needs of his people. He told the church in Macedonia that “he is able to provide you with every blessings in abundance so that by always having enough of everything, you may share abundantly in every good work,” (2Cor.9:8).                                           


Freedom from the Love of Money and Materialism

I always tell my fundraising students that they must be givers themselves before they can encourage others to give. Giving frees us from materialism and selfishness. Freedom from the bondage of money is very liberating. For the Christian fundraisers, such freedom enables them to treat fundraising as ministry.  The fear of asking is converted into a joyful act that leads to the worship of God.


Transformational Fundraising Vs. Transactional Fundraising

Ministry fundraising is transformational. It changes both the fundraiser and the giver. It begins with the knowledge that God who owns everything is the also the provider and sustainer. Such truth liberated me after seven years of  fundraising for my seminary and feeling the burden of raising the annual budget year after year. The weight I carried upon my shoulders, lifted. It was a game changer for me to know that God is faithful and he will provide for the needs of his kingdom. My responsibility is  faithful obedience and to work with excellence and diligence the tasks before me.                                                                              


Personal Transformation of the Fundraiser

The personal transformation of the fundraiser towards divine ownership and human stewardship creates a trajectory in the methods and strategies for fundraising.  The ministry fundraisers cultivate givers who are rich towards God. Fundraising ceases to be merely a transaction that focuses on getting the gift contribution. Transformational fundraising ministers to the needs of the ministry partners as they seek to walk deeply with God and share their blessing. We do this by sowing seeds of biblical truths in the hearts and minds of ministry partners. We want to connect people and their resources to God.

If we grow partners whose hearts a rich towards God, they are with you over the long haul and specially in times of crisis. God creates a beautiful community of giving and receiving.


Zenet Maramara

CSA President


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