Stations of Generosity

Learning Goals

✅ Nonprofits and Churches

You can organize a Stations of Generosity Retreat (SOG) as a donor engagement activity and cultivate relationships with your existing constituents or partners.

SOG can also be included in your discipleship program for your constituents and cultivate generosity. 

The target number of participants including facilitators in the session is maximum of 15. 

All denominations and nationalities are welcome to learn. Instruction medium is in English.


Stations of Generosity (SOG) is a two-day retreat of discipleship experience and eight Discovery Bible Studies.
Our methods include hand motions, dramas, interactive activities, and facilitated conversation.

Together, we reflect on passages from throughout Scripture. We share modern-day stories of people in Uganda, India, and Ethiopia who have learned the power of biblical generosity.

We believe God is the first giver – “For God so loved the world that He gave…” – and that biblical generosity flows not out of duty or legalism, but out of the overflow of grace.

When we reflect on how much God has given, and the reward He stores up for us, we cannot help but respond with joyful, obedient generosity.


Christian Stewardship Association (CSA) has partnered with Stations of Generosity in delivering the discipleship experience. Their mission is for hearts to be captured by Jesus’ teaching that it is more blessed to give than to receive.
Stations of Generosity facilitators from the Asian region can lead the discipleship journey with your management or ministry leaders. When you decide to conduct the SOG discipleship experience in your organizations, CSA will send accredited Filipino facilitators.


✅ Online – Conduct the retreat online and be able to gather participants from different locations.

✅ Face-to-Face – Organize an in-person retreat and provide a conducive atmosphere for participants to experience the event.


Please answer a registration form at detailing your target dates, retreat options, and desired number of participants.

The CSA Team will draft a term of reference and schedule a meeting with you to discuss event details.

Should you have further inquiries, please feel free to contact Jocelle Naoe at 0967-2310304 or email

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